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Portrait of a young unstable man, unable to find happiness with a woman. Once a factory worker and nurse. Plays the violin, get kicked out of music school. Becomes a disc jockey.

Actors: András Szabó,Jolan Fodor,Imre Donko,Istvan Bolla,Ferenc Jánossy,Imre Vass,László Damus,Katalin Dr. Bacsik,Józsefné Erdõs,György Fekete,János Gyökér,János Géczi,Károly Kisszabó,László Kistamás,László Kurucz
Year: 1981
Imdb: click here

" Misery originates in the interior world of the human soul, and ripples outward into society, thus moving in a direction opposite to the one it took in "Family Nest""

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