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It all begins with a mistake, an error with serious consequences: in a hospital the new-born babies of an Austrian couple and a Turkish family of immigrant workers are mixed up and go home with the wrong parents. By the time the mistake comes to light, it emerges that the Turkish family, including the baby, has been deported. The despairing Austrian couple begins a confusing odyssey through Turkey in order to track down the unsuspecting family to their native village. But they are not at all convinced that the babies have been mixed up. It is decided that the only way to know for sure is to have a blood test done. It is decided that the blood work is done in Vienna due to the better medical resources, but that will be far from simple. It will involve an illegal smuggling of the Turks across the Austrian border. Written byRP

Actors: Julia Stemberger,Karl Markovics,Meltem Cumbul,Ahmet Ugurlu,Josef Hader,Karoline Zeisler,Petra Marjam,Franz Friedrich,Edith Nordegg,Maximilian Pretterebner,Philipp Schwab,Anna-Katharina Pretterebner,Sebastian Schubert,Metin Celiker,Suna Selen
Year: 1999
Imdb: click here

" (But then I laughed at Fahrenheit 9/11 and found the bias manipulation funny too"

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