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A race-car driver must elude the police and two rival criminal organizations as he tries to locate a suitcase full of heroin and absolve himself of murder.

Actors: Giuliano Gemma,Nieves Navarro,Venantino Venantini,Michael Forest,Stella Carnacina,Mario Erpichini,Glauco Onorato,Giancarlo Zanetti,Carlo Gentili,Isabelle Marchall,Christa Linder,Hansi Linder,Margherita Horowitz,Paolo Figlia,Giovanni Cianfriglia
Year: 1973
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" Meanwhile, it transpires that the insurance man who had offered his services not only was in cahoots with Scott but is behind the whole thing; when the woman tried to double-cross him by selling the drugs to a Greek competitor, he had her killed and framed Gemma for it! What hampers the film is its gratuitous depiction of a number of gay stereotypes; as I said, however, the action sequences deliver the goods (so much so that stunt co-ordinator Remy Julienne gets his own prominent credit in the titles) – best of all, perhaps, is the amazing explosion inside a greenhouse from which Gemma emerges miraculously unscathed"

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