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Sylvia West is a young poetess engaged to Frederic Summers, an eccentric millionaire. Summers, a man who always fears he is being loved for his money, decides to make a small check on his prospective bride. The results of this check completely shock him. Not one fact matches 'his' Sylvia. Intregued and bewildered, Summers hires detective Alan Maklin and has him make a thorough investigation on 'Who Is Sylvia.' Written byfilmfactsman

Actors: Carroll Baker,George Maharis,Joanne Dru,Peter Lawford,Viveca Lindfors,Edmond O'Brien,Aldo Ray,Ann Sothern,Lloyd Bochner,Paul Gilbert,Nancy Kovack,Paul Wexler,Jay Novello,Connie Gilchrist,Alan Carney
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"The best thing about this movie is the truly first-rate supporting cast: Peter Lawford, Viveca Lindfors, Aldo Ray and Ann Sothern all give outstanding performances"

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