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Central Europe, WWII. The village fool of a small Jewish community warns the townsfolk that the Nazis are coming, and advises them to build a fake deportation train to cross the Russian border and get to Palestine. Some Jews are dressed up with German uniforms, and soon they start getting strange ideas about how it feels to be a Nazi; others are infected with the fast-spreading germ of communism. Meanwhile, the Russian border gets closer and closer... Written by<>

Actors: Lionel Abelanski,Rufus,Clément Harari,Michel Muller,Agathe de La Fontaine,Johan Leysen,Bruno Abraham-Kremer,Marie-José Nat,Gad Elmaleh,Serge Kribus,Michel Israel,Rodica Sanda Tutuianu,Sanda Toma,Zwi Kanar,Razvan Vasilescu
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" True, Roberto Benigni does not star in it, and that is a heavy handicap for any film"

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