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Alvin is the shy, geeky looking nerd on campus. The only sex he ever has is with his imaginary girlfriend. But one day, he falls in love with a live girl, Sue. He starts daydreaming about her and soon realizes that she also is a dreamer. Only, when they dream, the other person can feel it too... Written bySteve Richer <>

Actors: Kristy Swanson,Sasha Jenson,Jeanie Moore,Michael T. Kelly,Roger Floyd,Billy Flanigan,Jason Padgett,Danny Gura,Just Pennie,Debra Fambro,Sasha Basinger,Christina Leardini,Raven Roulette,Chantal,Heidi Lee Gunther
Year: 1990
Imdb: click here

"Dream Trap is a film for those who enjoy a little fantasy with a little bit of that late 1980's College Frat silliness"

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