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It's summer once again and kids flock from everywhere to go to Camp Pinewood in Clifton, Maine (originally filmed in Georgia). Dennis Baxter is the new camp counselor who has the hots for Rhonda, the new nurse. Timmy is the shy kid with no self esteem who takes every chance to run away; Tody is the overweight kid who wants to be a comedian; Brian is the poet; Bobby is the athletically gifted one; and Jerry is the slick talking, high dealing city boy from Philadelphia. The camp is lead by the fearless Big Irv. Written byPat McCurry <>

Actors: Michael J. Fox,Nancy McKeon,Caren Kaye,Adam Baldwin,Robert Klein,Joe Wright,Thomas Nowell,Matthew Shugailo,Derek Googe,Cary Guffey,Cameron Arnett,Brett Rice,David Wasman,Shanna Stewart,Carol Chambers
Year: 1985
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" Dennis's 11-year-old campers each have adventures of their own -- one wants to escape from camp, another tries to woo Rhonda (and takes a romp in poison ivy in order to spend more time in the infirmary with a certain someone), and another devises a scheme to get all the camp goodies into his bunk's possession"

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