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College girl Justine works hard to support herself at Bryce College, where she studies. During Thanksgiving, her boyfriend Aaron goes home and Justine has plans to stay on campus with her roommate, Nicole. Out of the blue, Nicole's father invites her to Aspen, while Justine remains in the dorm. One night, Justine drives to a convenience store to buy supplies and meets Violet, who threatens her. Shaken, Justine returns to campus, where she soon finds herself being hunted down by Violet and three hoodlums from a cult. Justine has to fight to survive. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Haley Bennett,Ashley Greene,Lucas Till,Chris Coy,Mike Seal,Lucius Falick,Erica Ash,James Ransone,Mathew St. Patrick,Al Vicente,Anna Skidanova,Dane Rhodes,David Jensen,Chelsea Bruland,Wayne Pére
Year: 2014
Imdb: click here

" As I pointed out, the film does take the cat-and-mouse action a bit too far in my opinion and perhaps is too fast to launch into it, but the final act is satisfying and I was able to overlook this because I found the first act so absorbing and enigmatically spooky"

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