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The school friends Philip, Wurst and Konrad are high-school losers: Philip desires the sexy Uschi, an easy girl for successful boys; the complex Konrad lists all the humiliations he has been submitted in school; and Wurst only cares to dope himself and smoke pot. Philip's next door gothic neighbor Rebecca has a non-corresponded crush on Philip. When Rebecca performs an ancient voodoo ritual in the cemetery with her friends, Philip and his friends arrive, mocking the ceremony and are accidentally blasted with zombie ashes from Haiti. Then, while driving his van, Wurst smokes marijuana but he has a car accident and the trio dies. However, they awake in the morgue and sooner they realize that they have become zombies. While seeking an antidote in the Necronomicon, Konrad, Wurst and Philip find the advantages of being zombies, becoming successful due to their recently acquired strength. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Tino Mewes,Manuel Cortez,Thomas Schmieder,Collien Ulmen-Fernandes,Hendrik Borgmann,Nadine Germann,Sissi Perlinger,Henry Gründler,Patricia Thielemann,Oliver Grober,Tom Lass,Tim Wilde,Daniel Krauss,Sebastian Kroehnert,Walter Gontermann
Year: 2004
Imdb: click here

" But hey, it's a German film, alright? What else should one expect from a small budget and trivial story? So lean back, enjoy the film "

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