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In a Gypsy village, the fathers of Candela and José promise their children to each other. Years later, the unfaithful José marries Candela but while defending his lover Lucía in a brawl, he is stabbed to death. Carmelo, who secretly loves Candela since he was a boy, is arrested while helping José and unfairly sent to prison. Four years later he is released and declares his love for Candela. However, the woman is cursed by a bewitched love and every night she goes to the place where José died to dance with his ghost. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Antonio Gades,Cristina Hoyos,Laura del Sol,Juan Antonio Jiménez,Emma Penella,La Polaca,Gómez de Jerez,Enrique Ortega,Diego Pantoja,Giovana,Maria Campano,Candy Román,Enrique Pantoja,Manolo Sevilla,Antonio Solera
Year: 1986
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"Formalismo is an integral part of both Hispanic culture and gypsy/flamenco culture"

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