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American journalist John Reed journeys to Russia to document the Bolshevik Revolution and returns a revolutionary. His fervor for left-wing politics leads him to Louise Bryant, then married, who will become a feminist icon and activist. Politics at home become more complicated as the rift grows between reality and Reed's ideals. Bryant takes up with a cynical playwright, and Reed returns to Russia, where his health declines. Written byJwelch5742

Actors: Warren Beatty,Diane Keaton,Edward Herrmann,Jerzy Kosinski,Jack Nicholson,Paul Sorvino,Maureen Stapleton,Nicolas Coster,M. Emmet Walsh,Ian Wolfe,Bessie Love,MacIntyre Dixon,Pat Starr,Eleanor D. Wilson,Max Wright
Year: 1981
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" The other time was for 1978's 'Heaven Can Wait'"

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