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Ned Racine is a seedy small town lawyer in Florida. During a searing heatwave he's picked up by married Matty Walker. A passionate affair commences but it isn't long before they realise the only thing standing in their way is Matty's rich husband Edmund. A plot hatches to kill him but will they pull it off? Written byCol Needham <>

Actors: William Hurt,Kathleen Turner,Richard Crenna,Ted Danson,J.A. Preston,Mickey Rourke,Kim Zimmer,Jane Hallaren,Lanna Saunders,Carola McGuinness,Michael Ryan,Larry Marko,Deborah Lucchesi,Lynn Hallowell,Thom Sharp
Year: 1981
Imdb: click here

" A great musical score by John Barry of James Bond composing fame expertly aids the steamy mood"

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