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As always, Sickan has come up with a new plan. This time he wants to rob the IKEA furniture store. During their nightly break-in Sickan discovers that the store is used as a secret smuggling central for sending American computers to the Soviet Union. The computers are picked up by Soviet submarines sneaking into the Swedish archipelago. Naturally, it is their arch enemy Wall-Enberg who is behind all of this. Written byMattias Thuresson

Actors: Gösta Ekman,Ulf Brunnberg,Björn Gustafson,Birgitta Andersson,Per Grundén,Johannes Brost,Lars Dejert,Kent Andersson,Dan Ekborg,Jarl Borssén,John Harryson,Jan Dolata,Jacob Dahlin,Sten Johan Hedman,Frederick Offrein
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

"This is one of the best Jönsson-ligan movies and it is quite fun"

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