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Actors: Maurizio Merli,Giancarlo Sbragia,Angelo Infanti,Lilli Carati,Glauco Onorato,Orazio Orlando,Gaetano Balestrieri,Rosario Borelli,Tullio Casarino,Paolo Casella,Gabriele Domenichini,Vittorio Fanfoni,Tom Felleghy,Manfred Freyberger,Claudio Giorgi
Year: 1977
Imdb: click here

" Contrary to a few Luke-warm reviews (not entirely sure if they were watching the same film as me) I found Merli's sans mustache speed drivin' copper to be entirely riveting creation, and the plentiful display of bravura stunt driving is second to none; all that and a sweet funky soundtrack by maestro Cipriani and I was left giddy with boys-own excitement and wondered why this marvelous actioner remains such a frustratingly obscure title"

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