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A chronicle of the life of the Greek hero who after killing his three sons must perform five labors to repent.

Actors: Paul Telfer,Elizabeth Perkins,Sean Astin,Leeanna Walsman,Kristian Schmid,Kim Coates,Jamie Croft,Luke Ford,Tyler Mane,Robert Taylor,Timothy Dalton,Leelee Sobieski,John Bach,Peter McCauley,André de Vanny,Maria Cristina Heller,Jacy Lewis,Susan Stenlake,Trent Sullivan,Phil Grieve,Vanessa Stacey,Bruce Allpress,Jeff Szusterman,Rachael Taylor,Richard Anderton,Emily Andrews,Melissa Ariss,Rachel Atkinson,Millen Baird,Jessica Body,Alice Bowden,Kristel Bowden,Carlissa Candy,David Cassin,Michael Cassin,Phillip Cassin,Robert Clotworthy,Ginny Cocker,Madeline Cooper,Clancy Croft,Jacqui Dunn,Geraldine Franklin,Caroline Grey,Charene Griggs,Jacob Hobbs,Zachary Hobbs,Lucy Hopes,Marco Irvan,Rio Irvan,Sarah Knox,Susan Lay,Mandi Lodge,Seonid Lyons,Austin Majors,Linda McFetridge,Jack Milmine,Thomas Milmine,Scotty Morrison,Dinah Priestley,Dan Purdey,Ruby Read,Megan Sayer-Roberts,Shanti Sherson,Jessica Shipman,Shannon Small,William Snow,Claire Stanley,Kate Stevenson,Rose Tapper,Malèna Tornatore,Anita Torrance,Charlotte Vodanovich,Madeleine West,Sian Woodger,Tyler Zahorodny
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

" The movie's most interesting idea is of the war between Zeus and Hera as being a war between the male and female, but the movie drops the ball on this, making Hera's followers fairly horrible while not being clear on what Zeus' followers do or believe"

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