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Unimpassioned look at the lives of struggling L.A. scene rock stars follows main character, Gwen, on her quest for the top. Working as an assistant to a film production designer, she tries to steal her boy friend who is a music producer by offering sexual favors. The producer meanwhile is trying to orchestrate a comeback for a former glam band played by Michael Des Barres (of Power Station fame), John Taylor (from Duran Duran), and Martin Kemp (from Spandau Ballet). Rosanna Arquette plays the former movie star wife of the lead singer, who is fretting because she has just been offered the role as the mother of one of the new ingenious. Beverly D'Angelo also shows up as a millionairess who agrees to bankroll the group, but only if she gets a roll in the hay with the lead singer. All of the career problems, including drug proclivity, are represented in this film. Written byJohn Sacksteder <>

Actors: Jade Gordon,John Taylor,Michael Des Barres,Martin Kemp,Larry Klein,John Doe,Lucinda Jenney,Marion Moseley,Veronica Nommenson,Elena Nommenson,Amelia Nommenson,Ally Sheedy,Nicholas Walker,Rosanna Arquette,Jeffrey McDonald
Year: 1999
Imdb: click here

" She actually did very well in this film as a former horror film actress married to the lead singer of a rock band that is trying to make a comeback"

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