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Young Frank and his pals get an idea for the ultimate in excitement. They decide to pool their savings, bicycle to the nearby Big City, and hire some woman of the streets to strip for them. Things do not work out that simply, but they do meet V, a Hooker With A Heart Of Gold, who ends up giving them a ride home. Soon she is living in Frank's treehouse, unbeknownst to Frank's widowed father Tom, who thinks she is one of Frank's teachers. Soon, however, the evil Waltzer comes looking for V. Written byReid Gagle

Actors: Melanie Griffith,Ed Harris,Michael Patrick Carter,Malcolm McDowell,Anne Heche,Casey Siemaszko,Philip Bosco,Brian Christopher,Adam LaVorgna,Kevin Scannell,Jessica Wesson,Amanda Sharkey,Margaret Nagle,Katie Powell,Tom Coop
Year: 1994
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" At some point, one would expect Melanie Griffith to button up her blouse at least"

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