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Where to watch Christmas Comes but Once a Year
The children at the orphanage are thrilled to wake up and find plenty of new toys on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, all of them break or fall apart within a few seconds. Prof. Grampy, the inventor, passes by in his motorized sled and hears the wailing of the disappointed orphans, which brings him to the door to investigate. When he learns what is wrong, he puts on his thinking cap and quickly comes up with a plan to make everything all right. He sneaks into the kitchen through the window, takes out every pot, pan, plate, spoon, etc., and builds better toys than the kids could have dreamed of. Written byJ. Spurlin

Actors: Jack Mercer,Mae Questel
Year: 1936
Imdb: click here

"One of a group of excellent old cartoons on a DVD called "A Collection of Christmas Classics" that we bought for our four year old grandson who watches it at any time of the year"

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