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Faced with the murder of three medicine men, Navajo police must find the culprit. That the murders appear to be the work of a Skinwalker, or bad medicine man, complicate and illuminate the detective's work. Written

Actors: Harrison Lowe,James Dalgam,Adam Beach,Saginaw Grant,Nicholas Bartolo,Jon Proudstar,Misty Upham,Drew Lacafa,Sheila Tousey,Wes Studi,Apesanahkwat,Marla Frumkin,Michael Greyeyes,Ryan Polequaptewa,Noah Watts
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

"In Skinwalkers, a Native American Medicine Man (Healer) is found dead, his body surrounded by animal-like footprints, and his hand lacerated by a human-bone arrow, a traditional weapon of a Skinwalker"

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