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Where to watch Iron Eagle II
Chappy Sinclair is called to gather together a mixed Soviet/U.S. strike force that will perform a surgical strike on a massively defended nuclear missile site in the Middle East. Chappy finds that getting the Soviet and U.S. Pilots to cooperate is only the most minor of his problems as he discovers someone in the Pentagon is actively sabotaging his mission. As they begin their assault, Chappy finds that a nuclear strike has been ordered should they fail, which will catch his forces on the ground next to ground zero. Written byJohn Vogel <>

Actors: Louis Gossett Jr.,Mark Humphrey,Stuart Margolin,Alan Scarfe,Sharon Brandon,Maury Chaykin,Colm Feore,Clark Johnson,Jason Blicker,Jesse Collins,Mark Ivanir,Uri Gavriel,Neil Munro,Douglas Sheldon,Azaria Rapaport
Year: 1988
Imdb: click here

"* * out of 4-(Fair)"

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