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All Scout Bozell wants is to be on his school's Safety Patrol. The only problem: his extraordinary and obliviously clumsy nature. When Scout transfers to a new school, his new friends warn him their Safety Patrol, led by the principal's son, are bullies and reign over the place. What Scout and his friends don't know is two staff members are professional thieves and using the 'Safeties' to assist in their crime ring. When the principal learns a member of the Patrol is involved in the thefts plaguing the school, the 'Safeties' name Scout one of them with a devious plan to set him up! Written byD

Actors: Bug Hall,Lainie Kazan,Curtis Armstrong,Stephanie Faracy,Alex McKenna,Ed McMahon,'Weird Al' Yankovic,Charlene Tilton,John Bennett Perry,Phillip Van Dyke,John Walsh,Wink Martindale,Leslie Nielsen,Katsy Chappell,Brad Grunberg
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" The safety patrol, into which the lad wants so desperately to get into is a metaphor for "the in-crowd""

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