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Sex seems to be on the minds of the animals on a backyard fence: the alley cats following a solitary female who may be in heat and the bull and the cows painted on an advertisement. After some singing by the cloven-hoofed crowd and music from a jazz band of cats, the focus is on one particular male cat and his tough-guy rival for the affections of the one female. After she watches them fight with each other and then confront a bull dog, she may have her own solution to the rivalry. Written by<>

Year: 1933
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" While most of Leon Schlesinger's staff hated this series because the cartoon would usually come to a halt during the obligatory song number, the usually boring Earl Duvall showed precisely how to do this sort of cartoon: a good version of the number, a good, basic story -- cats fighting each other over a tabby around the eponymous back yard fence -- and a series of strong and well-timed gags: in other words, do what you're doing in a way that amuses you, without the annoying imitation kiddy voices singing the songs"

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