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Stanislaus Pilgrin, a Polish chess master and handsome gigolo, marries wealthy Jewish widow, Dr. Michele Wolf, an X-ray technician and has an affair with her step-daughter, Fabienne and then plots to murder them both in a scheme that will have him inherit their money. Written byalfiehitchie

Actors: Maximilian Schell,Samantha Eggar,Ingrid Thulin,Herbert Lom,Talitha Pol,Vladek Sheybal,Jacques Cey,Jacques B. Brunius,Jean Marc,Andre Charisse,Danièle Noël,Arnold Diamond,Franco De Rosa,Doreen Moore,Harriet Harper
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" It is inconceivable that there is not plot summary here, so here goes:Michelle, a currently single middle-aged medical doctor with a young daughter [already daring for the time], encounters the young fortune hunter Stanislaus in a casual meeting and makes him her boy toy"

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