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Buenos Aires. It rains. Alma is in her car, stuck in Buenos Aires' traffic. She has recently broken-up with her boyfriend, and she has been living in her little car since then. Suddenly, Roberto gets into the car. He's wet and hurt, he's tired of the rain, of broken dreams. He has come back after thirty years abroad. In this new city he has nothing and nobody, just a father in coma, whom he has no relationship. He promises to leave the car as soon as the rain ceases. Alma, not knowing exactly why lets him in. That night will be different. And the next few days too. There's something new to find in the depth of their hearts. Written bySantiago

Actors: Ernesto Alterio,Valeria Bertuccelli,Matias Umpierrez,Osvaldo Djeredjian,Alejo Mango,Edgardo Castro,Nestor Caniglia,Sebastián Mogordoy,Félix Tornquist,Carlos Defeo,Eliana Ponce,María Ucedo,Florencia Milano,Haydée Padilla
Year: 2008
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"Paula Hernandez, the director of "Herencia", surprises with this intimate portrait of two loners that meet under strange circumstances and develop a mutual appreciation that turns into love"

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