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Near the end of WW II, a member of the German underground (Martin Richter) escapes from the Gestapo and takes shelter at Hotel Berlin, where he meets Lisa Dorn, a sleek actress involved with General von Dahnwitz, who is also trying to leave Germany. The hotel is a hotbed of Nazis, refugees, spies and ordinary Germans trying to survive inevitable defeat without getting too involved. Written byMike Rogers <>

Actors: Faye Emerson,Helmut Dantine,Raymond Massey,Andrea King,Peter Lorre,Alan Hale,George Coulouris,Henry Daniell,Peter Whitney,Helene Thimig,Steven Geray,Kurt Kreuger,Yvonne Hekren,Gloria Paythe,Margaret Story
Year: 1945
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" This film should be more widely known"

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