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The life of Sadie McKee takes many twists and turns. She starts as the daughter of the cook for the well off Alderson family. Lawyer Michael Alderson likes Sadie but she runs off to New York City with boyfriend Tommy to get married. Before they get married, Tommy takes up with show girl Dolly and deserts her. Sadie stays in New York and becomes involved with Michael's boss, millionaire Brennan. She marries the chronically alcoholic Brennan for his money. Michael views her as a golddigger at first, but then sees her help Brennan beat his alcoholism. Sadie leaves Brennan to try and find Tommy when she hears that her old flame is in trouble. Little does she know just how much trouble. Written byGary Jackson <>

Actors: Joan Crawford,Gene Raymond,Franchot Tone,Edward Arnold,Esther Ralston,Earl Oxford,Jean Dixon,Leo G. Carroll,Akim Tamiroff,Zelda Sears,Helen Ware,Gene Austin,Candy Candido,Otto Heimel
Year: 1934
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" I understand that he and Crawford were married for awhile after this film was completed"

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