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"My Own Country" tells the story of an East Indian doctor who settles in Johnson City, Tennessee. The doctor's name is Abraham Verghese, and he specializes in infectious diseases. It's 1985, and AIDS is spreading from the big cities to the rural areas. Abraham takes AIDS as his personal crusade and is soon well-known for his compassion and non-judgmental treatment. He soon becomes overwhelmed with patients from the surrounding states, which strains his marriage. Written byBill Alward

Actors: Naveen Andrews,Glenne Headly,Hal Holbrook,Swoosie Kurtz,Marisa Tomei,Adam Tomei,Ellora Patnaik,Peter MacNeill,Sean Hewitt,William Webster,Sharon Dyer,David Fox,Colleen Williams,Ranjit Chowdhry,Ishwar Mooljee
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Although this is WELL within the "Bible Belt", I was thankful that the film didn't gloss over the attitudes of these country folk but also didn't paint them all as pin-heads--something a sloppy director and writers COULD have done"

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