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Eddie Hall and his partner Slim are a pair of nickel-and-dime con men on the hustle. Nearly caught by the police, Eddie ducks into Ruby Adams's apartment and convinces her to hide him. Ruby isn't averse to taking advantage of the gullible herself and has even tried to manipulate money out of Al, the square shooter from Cincinnati who adores her. Ruby and Eddie hit it off, but when Eddie accidentally kills a drunk who was pawing Ruby, he takes off and she ends up in a women's reformatory, where she discovers she is pregnant. Devastated at the thought that Eddie has deserted her, she doesn't realize that Eddie has undergone a great change--one that will have a powerful impact on her. Written byJim Beaver <>

Actors: Jean Harlow,Clark Gable,Stuart Erwin,Dorothy Burgess,Muriel Kirkland,Garry Owen,Barbara Barondess,Elizabeth Patterson,Inez Courtney,Blanche Friderici,Helen Freeman
Year: 1933
Imdb: click here

" Definitely not worth all the ballyhoo provided by Robert Osborne in his TCM intro to this bad-to-mediocre confusion"

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