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Based on Shakesphere's play, Verdi's opera depicts the devastating effects of jealousy, "...the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds upon". Believing Otello has promoted the fast-rising Cassio over himself, Iago plots to destroy both Cassio and Otello. Iago convinces the jealous Otello that his beautiful wife Desdemona is unfaithful, and that Cassio is her lover. Jealousy is followed by tragedy, then retribution, "Has Heaven no more thunderbolts?" Written byMike Smith <>

Actors: Plácido Domingo,Katia Ricciarelli,Justino Díaz,Petra Malakova,Urbano Barberini,Massimo Foschi,Edwin Francis,Sergio Nicolai,Remo Remotti,Antonio Pierfederici,Ezio Di Cesare,John Macurdy,Constantin Zaharia,Edward Toumajian,Giannicola Pigliucci
Year: 1986
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" Here, the classical idea of beauty, sort of Michelangelo's David is evoked, in particular, at the additional scene (which Canby relates to as 'gross interruption') when Cassio is showed succumbed to the wild pleasures of erotic dreams about Desdemona"

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