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At Stanlio's urging, Ollio foists himself off as the dread singing bandit Fra Diavolo and unknowingly attempts to rob the notorious brigand himself. As punishment, Diavolo orders Stanlio to hang Ollio, but gives them a second chance when Stanlio bungles the job. Taking them on as his retainers, Diavolo travels to the Tavern de Cucu in his guise as the foppish Marquis de San Marco to rob the rich, aged Lord Rocburg and woo beauteous Lady Pamela. Stanlio drives Ollio and the innkeeper to distraction by playing "earsie kneesie nosie" and "finger wiggle," and gets drunk helping Ollio fill tankards of wine, sending him into an uncontrollable laughing fit. The boys plot to capture Diavolo but wind up with him in front of a firing squad. Written byPaul Penna <>

Actors: Dennis King,Thelma Todd,James Finlayson,Lucile Browne,Arthur Pierson,Henry Armetta,Matt McHugh,Lane Chandler,Nina Quartero,Wilfred Lucas,James C. Morton,Stan Laurel,Oliver Hardy
Year: 1933
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"" "Fra" in this sense was for "frater" not "fratello""

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