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An attempt to purchase beer becomes a nightmare for underage friends Chase, Jake and Dillon when Chase ends up dead, Jake gets shot in the back, and Dillon - a championship wrestler - goes to prison for manslaughter. Released after ten years, Dillon's greeted by Jake, who lines him up with a job and introduces him to the world of minor league MMA fighting. Due to Jake's outstanding gambling debt, Dillon agrees to three fights to cover it and literally save Jake's life but finds himself caught between gangsters, dirty cops, a shady promoter, a snide parole officer and Jake's disapproving sister. Written bystatmanjeff

Actors: Wes Chatham,Devon Sawa,Sarah Butler,Neal McDonough,Lucky Johnson,Chris Browning,Adam Mervis,Bernard Hocke,Ava Bogle,Eric Scott Woods,Michael Jai White,Andrew Sensenig,Rich Clementi,Kasey Emas,Kris Van Damme
Year: 2012
Imdb: click here

" I mean usually even if there is a bad action movie now days, it simply does not reach the level of amateur camera work and retarded shots as this one"

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