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Jack and Julie live in a bare flat in Paris. At night, Jack drives a taxi while Julie wanders around the city, and in the day they make love. One day Julie meets Joseph, the daytime driver of the taxi, and soon Julie is spending her nights with Joseph and her days with Jack. Written byWill Gilbert

Actors: Guilaine Londez,Thomas Langmann,François Négret,Nicole Colchat,Pierre Laroche,Christian Crahay,Luc Fonteyn,Sandrine Laroche,Yves Coméliau,Olindo Bolzan,Nicole Duret,Violette Léonard,Cecilia Kankonda
Year: 1991
Imdb: click here

" Who would have thought that 90 minutes (almost) of tender moments, quiet pauses, and unhurried walks could be so riveting? The film does not so much move as breathe you into its trance"

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