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Jean, a French businessman's life is forever changed when he overhears a brutal attack. Upon further investigation, he is introduced to the beautiful Nicole, a naive woman at the mercy of her vicious husband. With nothing to lose, Jean takes her away, and love blooms immediately. However, he may have gotten himself involved in more than he bargained for. The supposed loving affair leads Jean down a dark road of grief, greed and murder. Written bySpyfighter5000

Actors: Carroll Baker,Jean-Louis Trintignant,Erika Blanc,Horst Frank,Helga Liné,Ermelinda De Felice,Giovanni Di Benedetto,Irio Fantini,Dario Michaelis,Renato Pinciroli,Gianni Pulone,Lucio Rama,Paola Scalzi,Luigi Sportelli,Beryl Cunningham
Year: 1969
Imdb: click here

" Indeed until the very end!"

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