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Chicago air traffic controller Jack Harris is a wreck with guilt nightmares after a major airplane crash that killed all 174 aboard. He gives up the job and designs air traffic control games in Phoenix. Five years later, his ex-colleague T.C. Bryant, also transferred to Phoenix, desperately asks him to help out short-term, given desperate staff shortage on New Year's Eve with a bad storm predicted. A power outage hits, and the storm has caused their workload to multiply. Colleagues welcome him in very different states of mind but he quickly proves his capabilities, alas then the fatal memories start creeping up again: will his lack of self-confidence cause another drama? Written byKGF Vissers / DA77

Actors: Kiefer Sutherland,Bruce McGill,Kristy Swanson,Robert Sean Leonard,Kelly McGillis,Margaret Cho,Ruben Paul,Charles Fleischer,Henry Winkler,Farrah Forke,Michael Gross,Vito D'Ambrosio,Jack Plotnick,Mike Kimmel,Brian George
Year: 1998
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