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Depression Era story set in London has department store owner (Lewis Stone) facing bankruptcy while his family fritters away money. A long-standing employee (Lionel Barrymore) gets fired but finds new life in a home-based bakery. The owner's wife (Benita Hume) can't face life without money, so she runs off with another man. The tables turn, however, when a last-minute reprieve saves the store and a new relationship is forged between the men. Written byEd Lorusso

Actors: Lionel Barrymore,Lewis Stone,Benita Hume,Elizabeth Allan,Phillips Holmes,Colin Clive,Alec B. Francis,Doris Lloyd,Halliwell Hobbes,Douglas Walton,Viva Tattersall,Lawrence Grant,George K. Arthur,Charles Irwin,Billy Bevan
Year: 1933
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"This is one of the better Depression era films I have seen, as it not only encapsulated what this period was like but had exceptional writing that avoided clichés"

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