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Jerry Stanton's pride and joy is successfully coaching the Hurricanes, one of the six competing school soccer teams, sponsored by his employer's sports equipment shop. When the competition goes co-ed, he panics, but relies on Samantha 'Sam', the tomcat among his twin daughters, as not-disastrous girl in his team. Alas, partially due to wife Denise, a psychologist, the team-picking goes pear-shaped, the Hurricanes get stuck with fashionista twin Emma. So he eagerly accepts when the sisters spontaneously suggests secretively trading places, but Denise and attractive boys compromise keeping the charade up. Written byKGF Vissers

Actors: Mary-Kate Olsen,Ashley Olsen,Kathryn Greenwood,Joe Grifasi,Trevor Blumas,Eric Lutes,Keith Knight,Jake LeDoux,Robert Clark,Brian Heighton,Ted Atherton,Vito Rezza,Damir Andrei,Michael Lamport,Jesse Farb
Year: 1999
Imdb: click here

"I, as a teenager really enjoyed this movie! Mary Kate and Ashley worked great together and everyone seemed so at ease"

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