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Where to watch Autumn Tale, An (Conte d'automne)
Magali, 45, is a wine producer in the south of France. She's a widow, and her best friend, Isabelle, decides to find her a new husband. She puts an ad in the local newspaper and finds a nice man, Gérald. At Isabelle's daughter's wedding, Magali eventually meets Gérald. But there's another man around, Etienne... Written byG.A. <>

Actors: Marie Rivière,Béatrice Romand,Alain Libolt,Didier Sandre,Alexia Portal,Stéphane Darmon,Aurélia Alcaïs,Matthieu Davette,Yves Alcaïs
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" It's not the dynamic plot, special effects or big name stars that often make a film exceptional, it's the writing and the acting! And this movie is written so lovingly and acted so honestly that I couldn't help but like it"

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