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Rural well-digger Pascal has a pretty 18-year-old daughter Patricia who grew up in Paris; he dreams of her marrying his middle-aged partner Felipe. But she meets young Jacques Mazel from the village; one thing leads to another, and when both Jacques and Felipe go off to war, she's carrying Jacques's child. Faced with estrangement from her father, denial by Jacques' family, and the news that Jacques himself is missing in action, will Patricia agree to marry Felipe? Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Raimu,Fernandel,Josette Day,Line Noro,Georges Grey,Fernand Charpin,Milly Mathis,Clairette,Roberte Arnaud,Raymonde,Tramel,Marcel Maupi,Charles Blavette,Lucien Callamand,Jean Heuzé
Year: 1940
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"Raimu was so great an actor that any movie he is in makes all worthwhile"

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