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Pancho enjoys a life of luxury after winning the lottery. His friend and private assistant. Alberto, administers his tremendous fortune and tries to persuade him to give up his squandering ways and become financially responsible. One day, Pancho receives a proposal from unscrupulous billionaire Montalbán, who wants to make Pancho a toy industry superstar. Montalbán's plans don't work out as expected and he arranges to kidnap Pancho, in order to make Alberto agree to the business venture. Pancho escapes, and during his adventure away from his mansion and Alberto, Pancho discovers the unexpected dangers of real life and makes a new friend in the process. Written byYt

Actors: Eloy Azorín,Manuel Baqueiro,María Castro,Patricia Conde,Cook,Guillermo Crehueras,Secun de la Rosa,Chiqui Fernández,David Fernández,Marta Hazas,Joe Lewis,Ivan Massagué,Benjamin Nathan-Serio,Alex O'Dogherty,Denisse Peña
Year: 2014
Imdb: click here

" As two thieves , the villain criminals named Marcos (Alex O'Dogherty) and Tenazas (Secun De La Rosa) enter at home to kidnap him "

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