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The life and times of Armando Feroci, a fortyish year old, who's been everything (jobwise), a divorced husband, a careless father, an unreliable brother. The story is told in flashback by his friends while Armando has been mysteriously kidnapped in an Arab country by an integralist group and condemned to death. Written bySalvatore Santangelo <>

Actors: Carlo Verdone,Regina Orioli,Paolo Triestino,Ines Nobili,Enrica Rosso,Giorgia Brugnoli,Alessia Bruno,Roberto Mincuzzi,Gloria Sirabella,Mimmo Petrelli,Costantino Valente,Marcello Magnelli,Alessandro Caroppo,Tony Brennero,Ernesto Fioretti
Year: 1998
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"Gallo in Italian means rooster and the character played by Verdone, Armando Feroci, is a real ladies man passing up no opportunity to hit on the women he meets"

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