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Sergio Benvenuti finds job as musical agent in an important Italian publisher. This could be his final step before to marry Rossella. But his career does not rise, so he asks Nadia Vandelli, a more experienced agent and a nice girl, to work together just for one day, in order to gain some more experience. They have to meet Manuel Fantoni in his own flat. Nadia is late and Sergio goes on with the meeting. Fantoni isn't what he says he is and Nadia is arriving. Everything starts rolling quickly and quickly till Sergio finds himself in an incredible and funny situation from which it will be hard to escape. Written by1felco

Actors: Carlo Verdone,Eleonora Giorgi,Christian De Sica,Angelo Infanti,Enrico Papa,Roberta Manfredi,Mario Brega,Isa Gallinelli,Nando Marineo,Daniela Ferrari,Karen Louise Freeman,Vittorio Zarfati,Antonella Antinori,Roberto Ceccacci,Roberto Giancaterini
Year: 1982
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"Borotalco is the purest example of what Carlo Verdone used to be all about"

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