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Screwball romance involving a woman (Makkena) who gets fired from her job as a bank teller when her friends arrange for a stripper to appear at the bank for her birthday. She then meets a man (Hickey) whom she had earlier seen jump off a bridge and had assumed had committed suicide. With nothing else to do, she follows him to Texas. Along the way she slowly comes to realize he is gay and is despondent over the AIDS-related death of his former lover. Written byJohn Sacksteder <>

Actors: Wendy Makkena,John Benjamin Hickey,Jonathan Walker,Anne Bobby,Rebecca Creskoff,Angela Pietropinto,Freddie Roman,Molly McClure,Yusef Bulos,Garrett Moran,Steven Jones,Lynn Metrik,Phyllis Cicero,Spiro Malas,Amy Zimmerman
Year: 1998
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" It certainly dulls the impact of the story"

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