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Some middle class friends driving a car in São Paulo, Brazil, react to the feeling of impotence and frustration that afflicts their lives. They use a woman friend as a bait to atract a victim, who will double as object of liberation of their own alienation and repressed moral aggressiveness. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Daniele Gaudin,Francisco Arruda,Fábio Sigolo,Franco Ogassawara,Sérgio Frederico,Ronaldo Ferraz
Year: 1966
Imdb: click here

"A 20 minute short that focuses on the disillusioned youth of Brazil under the military dictatorship, and features the femme fatale Daniele Gaudin, this was Tonacci's first work, a short film that is not very remarkable, but interesting for observing his trademarks of cars and shaving, that will come back in his magnum opus, his next feature Bang Bang"

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