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Famed gunman Arizona Colt is sent by Moreno to rescue his daughter from the grips of Arizona's old enemy, Keane. But certain complications make the mission far more dangerous than expected.

Actors: Anthony Steffen,Marcella Michelangeli,Aldo Sambrell,Raf Baldassarre,Emilio Delle Piane,Gildo Di Marco,José Manuel Martín,Rosalba Neri,Roberto Camardiel,Florentino Alonso,Silvio Bagolini,Luis Barboo,Enrico Marciani,Brizio Montinaro,Pinuccio Ardia
Year: 1970
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" A good example of Latino western genre from Italy and Spain ; it is daring , a notoriously violent Spaghetti , so extreme in every way , it is one of the handful of Italian Western that abounded in the 60s and early 70s "

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