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After a blowout party at a secluded island cabin, five friends make a shocking discovery: a dead body and the only boat off the island gone. Trapped and unable to call for help, they become prey to a mysterious killer seeking revenge. Together, they must decipher the murderer's chilling series of clues to reveal the island's secret past ... or face death one by one. Written byJeff Martel

Actors: Aaron Ashmore,Haylie Duff,Lucy Hale,Kyle Schmid,Anne Marie DeLuise,Martin Cummins,Jacob Blair,Jessica Harmon,Jim Thorburn,Brenna O'Brien,Keith Martin Gordey,Patricia Harras,Rob Morton,Dax Belanger
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" I would categorize it more like a thriller or something like that"

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