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Three best friends, Ki-tae, Dong-yoon, and Hee-june; they thought their friendship would last forever. A few tiny cracks of distrust start to develop among these best friends. Ki-tae and Hee-june are suddenly filled with misunderstanding and hated, and Ki-tae starts to use violence against Hee-june. When Dong-yoon finds out about Ki-tae's behavior toward Hee-june, he tries to stop Ki-tae but fails. Instead, what started out as little doubts, push these three boys into the point of no return. Written byCJ Entertainment

Actors: Je-hoon Lee,Jung-min Park,Jun-Yeong Seo
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

" Some may love the realistic gritty style, the feel of almost actually getting to watch what is nearly a day by day account of someone's life"

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