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The young dentist Chesnokov has a knack for painlessly removing teeth, much to the dismay of other dentists, who fear unemployment and start to challenge Chesnokov.

Actors: Andrey Myagkov,Vera Vasileva,Alisa Freyndlikh,Panteleymon Krymov,Andrei Petrov,Yevgeni Perov,Olga Gobzeva,Igor Kvasha,Valentin Nikulin,Leonid Dyachkov,Yelizaveta Nikishchikhina,Antonina Maksimova,Pavel Pankov,Anatoli Shalyapin,Viktor Koltsov
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" It is told with humour (much of it quite subtle, almost surreal, and in the background - imagine a street scene where everyone on the sidewalk on one side of the road walks in just one direction, and on the other side in the other), poignancy, and a frequent breaking of the 4th wall between the movie and the audience (think of what happens in Shakespeare's plays, and you'll be close)"

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