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Zachary Hicks is nominated at the Progressive party's convention even though he has little chance of winning the governorship. Kay suggests the party bosses hire Hal Blake (whom she loves) as campaign manager. Hal is in jail for falling behind in his alimony payments to Maybelle, but Kay convinces the politicians to seem him in prison, Impressed with the speech they hear him deliver to a cellmate, the committee pays Hal's fine and back alimony payments. Hal takes on the campaign and several marital arrangements. Written byEd Stephan <>

Actors: Warren William,Bette Davis,Guy Kibbee,Vivienne Osborne,Frank McHugh,Sam Hardy,Harry Holman,Charles Sellon,Robert Emmett O'Connor,Berton Churchill,Robert Warwick
Year: 1932
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" Kibbee is possibly a little dumber than necessary, but very entertaining"

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