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Watch Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (Jeanne et le garçon formidable) online

Where to watch Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (Jeanne et le garçon formidable)
Jeanne has an appetite for love that can never be satisfied. Lovers at every corner of her life she is still in search of that "one". When a impromptu tryst on the subway with Olivier gives her butterflies like never before she finally finds herself in love, truly in love. Yet she continues her affairs but now with a realization that they are not what she wants, she wants Olivier. Olivier reluctant to continue the romance with Jeanne for fear of hurting her or worse yet her seeing him at his worse. Olivier reveals to Jeanne he has AIDS from a bad needle during his heroine use. This however does not scare Jeanne off and her love for him turns her into a new person who wants to care for him, but that is not what he wants. The two share a common friend that is an AIDS Activist but they don't know it. Then Olivier because severely ill and Jeanne professes her love and her infidelity. That is the last she ever sees of Olivier. She returns to the hospital to find he has left with his ... Written byLeslie Erentreich, Woodland Hills, CA USA

Actors: Virginie Ledoyen,Mathieu Demy,Jacques Bonnaffé,Valérie Bonneton,Frédéric Gorny,Laurent Arcaro,Michel Raskine,Fabrice Ramalingon,Amy Bamba,Mohamed Damraoui,Jean-François Deleray,Gino Sitson,Olivier Bony,Juliette Chanaud,Jean-Marc Roulot
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"The lyrics aside, the actual score is inferior to "Les parapluies", although the composer tried for greater variety -- the Chinese restaurant ditty about Tsing Tao beer goes for an Oriental flavour"

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