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Two boys, whose parents ply their trade by the mouth of a muddy river in Osaka, become close friends. The two families' "businesses" are in fact dining and prostitution. When Nobou, the restauranteur's son, loses his pocket money during the Tenjin Festival, Kiichi, the prostitute's boy, invites him home, and he learns the truth. Written byL.H. Wong <>

Actors: Takahiro Tamura,Mariko Kaga,Nobutaka Asahara,Makiko Shibata,Minoru Sakurai,Yumiko Fujita,Gannosuke Ashiya,Reiko Hatsune,Keizô Kanie,Yoshitaka Nishiyama,Taiji Tonoyama,Masako Yagi
Year: 1981
Imdb: click here

"While there are many movies a child is the lead, this one is outstanding"

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